News: 1/15/10
Play our exclusive last level for Little Big Planet 1 which will be released Tuesday, January 18th, 2011. This is also the day Little Big Planet 2 will be released. In this Level: Travel through the gorgeous garden town known as Community Avenue where everything is not as it seems, for murder, and betrayl lurks right around the corner. Wander around the animated town looking for clues while enjoying the beautiful art of Verabee!

News: 1/13/10
We are gradually releasing our last LBP1 levels this week. Releases Displayed Below.
Valkyrian Pack
- Imperial Skirmish 01 (Released)
   - Imperial Skirmish 02 (Released)
(This pack will be continued on LBP2)
B&L's Extraneous Levels
- B&L's Final LBP1 Challenge (Released)

Notice: December 30th, 2010be
We have updated our level News & Community Shopping and renamed it B&L Comunity Center.
All restricted stores in the level are opened, and the New Years party will be going on for the entire month of January.
Be expecting all of our future levels to be made on Little Big Planet 2, which is released on the 14th of January 2011.
In case you don't know:
All levels made on LBP1 that are put online can be played on LBP2.
This most likely also works the other way around.
We hope you also look forward to new improved better levels from us!
Special Notice
Cherry Popit is back on Little Big Planet this November, to host the annual Fall Fashion Show Level! This level will feature exclusive unique prizes only availible this fall. These prizes may include a gift basket, and a Little Miss Fall 2010 Limo! We can expect the release to be around mid November.
Updates 4 November 2010
We are releasing our new adventure tomorrow the 5th at 11:30 P.M.!
This adventure will feature over 25 unique new prizes, and acess to the coresponding store to the adventure in my News & Shopping Level!
My News and Shopping Level has also been updated. There is now a store building for each of my adventures in the level. You can go inside one of these stores to claim exclusive prizes (or prizes you missed in the adventure). The level also works differently and easier now. The player can now choose which news posts to read (if any) instead of them popping right up and annoying you. My levels are alot more efficient now than when I first started publishing I am happy to say. (Which I should be).
New Levels 4 November 2010
My Level High Power Printing Press was released. This level is a attempt to create a working typewriter the player could play around with. Players are able to type on one line, but the scroll down option does not work so well.
Update 9/30/10
A New Adventure Pack may be the next thing to be released.
Update: September 20th
The new level by Bread_Basket: Crystal Caverns has been released today.
Try our latest levels:
Adventure Pack 02 Now availible!
"Blue Moon Islands Pack"
1. A New Adventure Begins
2. "Through the Fires Beyond"
3. "Through Water-Side"
4. Final Showdown: Blue Moon Island Palace
First Adventure Pack Released!
"A Country in Trouble"
1. The Journey Begins
2. South Great Plains
3. Lumana Castle Town
4. Lumana Castle Feilds
5. The Royal Court
6. North Great Plains
7. The Proving Grounds
8. The Temple of Endurance
9. The Temple of Strength
10. Path to Luranan
11. Luranan Castle Fields
12. Showdown: Luranan Castle